RICC&CO. first founded Anti-Corruption Center in April 2016 and later renamed it to Corporate Compliance & Anti-Corruption Center (“CCAC”) in January 2018. Since the establishment, CCAC has been dedicated to being one of the leading teams for corporate compliance, internal control and anti-corruption in China and has been keeping providing its clients with professional insights as well as highly efficient resolutions.

With its professional team formed by senior partners specialize in corporate governance, anti-corruption investigations and litigation, CCAC has become one of the most reliable firms for corporate compliance and has been providing various legal services to clients, including the construction of corporate compliance systems, regulatory compliance of listed companies, anti-corruption investigations, criminal complaints of fraud cases, civil affairs/employees' damage to corporate interests and labor relation management etc..

CCAC holds professional forums and publishes big-data reports on a regular basis to share our observations, insights and cutting-edge information in the field of corporate compliance and anti-corruption with our clients.

CCAC has done a lot of research on corporate compliance and anti-corruption judicial practice. Meanwhile, CCAC has dealt with nearly 100 employee duty crime cases for many large and medium-sized enterprises and accumulated rich experience. At present, CCAC has provided services for a large number of well-known multinational corporations, listed companies and private enterprises, covering financial, retail consumption, logistics, medical health, real estate, manufacturing, technology, education, internet and many other industries, which are fully recognized and praised by clients.

Core Competitiveness1


Skilled at utilizing all kinds of platforms and resources to obtain relevant evidences and clues and proficient with the latest methods of identifying electronic data traces.


Proficient in criminal justice as well as administrative and criminal law provisions related to fraud; familiar with legal requirements for evidence collection and requirements for evidence specifications; accurate judgment of the law; good at using various criminal offences, investigation methods and jurisdiction setting to provide the best solution for the case.

Investigation Thinking

Relying on years of experience in police work, we are good at deducing the mentality and behavior trajectory of fraudulent personnel according to case circumstances and limited clues, detecting and obtaining evidence and clues of fraud targetedly.

Professional Advantages2

Frontier and varied investigation methods

CCAC will design a comprehensive investigation plan based on the specific circumstances of the case, combining different investigation methods thoroughly. The investigation methods include electronic forensics (recovering electronic information such as documents, mails, online chat records, system operation logs, trajectories and behavior paths, etc.), financial audits, documentary analysis, due diligence checking (online, offline) and troubleshooting, personnel interviews as well as other professional investigation skills. 

Compared with the traditional anti-corruption methods, CCAC focuses more on proactive evidence-collecting than merely passively sorting out the clues that clients have already mastered. In the initial stage of anti-corruption, the above-mentioned investigation skills can often be used to obtain critical evidence and clues.

Comprehensive and effective solution

In the handling of anti-corruption criminal cases, CCAC’s solutions comprehensively cover investigation and evidence collection, criminal charges, criminal claims, and improvement of corporate compliance etc. For those senior management personnel who do not constitute a criminal offence, but meet the unfulfilled loyalty and diligence and cause damage to company's interests, CCAC collects evidence and provides clients with civil litigation claims. At the same time, CCAC can also provide professional labor dispute solutions for clients.

Investigation measures3

Electronic forensics 

Electronic data compiles an employee’s various activities, not only in documentary and files, but also in electronic traces such as data logs. The extraction and analysis of the data can recover fraudulent emails, documents, pictures and other files. It can also confirm the traces of USB device, application installation and use. Through electronic data, the behavior of fraudulent employees can be restored, and case evidence and clues can be sought. 

Due diligence check 

To the extent prescribed by law, we investigate into personal life records and suspicious leads available and obtained on public channels by the fraudulent persons, as well as their parents, spouses, children and any other relatives. We also perform background checks on relevant affiliates, and investigate into the situation of the company, including business conditions, employee on-the-job status, etc., to obtain related information.

Financial Audit 

For cases involving complicated financial information, judicial audit institutions with rich experience are introduced to conduct comprehensive verification on financial information such as account statements, bank receipts, finance related mails and software records, and accounting vouchers, searching for abnormal transactions. 

Documentary Analysis 

The relevant written materials provided by clients, such as project contracts, settlement documents, approval documents which are suspected of illegal operations by fraudulent personnel, will be investigated. The relevant personnel are investigated for fraudulent leads from the perspective of the public security department. 

Personnel Interview 

Using police interrogation skills, a conversation strategy will be formulated based on the case and the personality of the relevant personnel. Conversations are conducted with relevant informed personnel and suspected fraud personnel, in order to obtain and verify information as well as fix evidence.

Relevant Personnel

Representative Cases

Embezzlement case:

Embezzlement case of an IT senior executive in a listed company (Education industry)

Embezzlement case of an IT senior executive in a listed company (Real estate industry)

Embezzlement case of a senior executive in a foreign-funded company (Logistic industry)

Embezzlement case of sales staff in a listed company (Pharmaceutical industry)

Embezzlement case of a senior executive in a well-known Internet company

Embezzlement case of a staff in a large financial leasing company (Foreign-funded)

Embezzlement case of a senior executive in a shipping company

Commercial bribery case:

Bribery case of a senior executive in a well-known cosmetic company (Foreign-funded)

Bribery case of a staff in a large financial leasing company

Bribery case of a staff in an Internet finance company

Trade secret case:

Violation of citizens’ personal information in a well-known Internet company

Illegal acquisition of computer information system data of a technician in a well-known internet company

Violation of trade secrets of technical staff in a well-known automotive research and development company


Contract fraud case of a project manager of a well-known trust company

Contract fraud case of a large financial leasing company

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