• Technician


    We focus on law-tech and pursue to be professional.

    We embrace change, pay attention to new industry and new economy and stand at the forefront of innovation.

    We have a sense of glory and love our work and profession.

  • Learning organization


    Lifelong learning is the destiny of a lawyer. A learning organization can provide a higher sense of security.

    We hold weekly study meetings to share laws and regulations, classic cases.

    We hold seminars from time to time to help lawyers improve their professional foundation and skills, to discuss new, difficult and complex cases.

    New staff can receive systematic training, from contract review, document writing, legal research to business English, to ensure that you will lay a solid foundation.

    External experts are invited to give lectures and the staff are provided with many opportunities for external training.

    Learning organization
  • Collaborative and sharing mechanism


    Our goal is to build an outstanding organizational platform. The staff work closely and trust each other to reduce transaction costs result from asymmetric information and poor communication. The underlying logic behind is the principle of comparative advantage and division of labor.

    Division and cooperation will always bring greater wealth. Division increases output, and transaction increases happiness.

    We also have customized management system and database, which can share business documents, research results, and marketing materials.

  • Friendly and warm cultural


    We promote "to be with everything you like". Life and work are not separated. Poetry and the scenery are by your side.

    RICC & CO. is a law firm with a high sense of happiness. Our staff, through their actions, prove that the lawyer industry is full of warmth.

    As long as you have passion and perseverance, you can also realize your ideals and attain the opportunity to innovate, just like RICC & CO. staff.

    Friendly and warm cultural
  • Productization of legal services


    The horizontal division of the legal service industry is the distinction between practice areas and industrial fields. "Productization" is our strategy.

    An excellent legal service product must be customer-centric, hit the pain points, and reflect differentiated competitive advantages.

    We are able to integrate resources, get involved in industries with thresholds, and launch influential legal service products and the star lawyers through mature methods.

    Productization of legal services
  • Powerful operation team


    "Strong operation" is our strategy in the vertical division. The functions of our operation team include marketing, hr, finance, administration, legal secretary, etc., and it has gathered a group of compound talents.

    "Strong operation" is to strengthen the division of labor, to enable professional people to focus on professional things, and to provide the guidance and guarantee for cultivating star lawyers and excellent legal service products.

    Powerful operation team

Our culture